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It’s the first year of the festival, so there may be questions that we haven’t asked ourselves. Feel free to write to us via filmfreeway, or mail to


How to measure 50% AI use in production?

Be fair. No one will measure your work with a tape measure or calculator, but we do want projects that are implement AI in the creative production. In case of a dispute, the jury may ask the creators to list in detail which parts of the work are filmed and which parts are made with AI.


Why maximum 10 minutes? (UPDATE: 15 MIN)

10 minutes is still the length of time that let us show more projects for the audience at the screening. UPDATE: Due to several requests we changed the maximum length to 15 minutes!!!!)


What is the jury decision based on?

Beyond technical brilliance the jury is more likely looking for unique solutions, storytelling and added artistic value.


Will the jury accept films from previous years?

As this is the first year of the festival, all films made before the festival will be accepted if they meet the call for entries.

Special request? Write to us!

Your film is too long, vertical, not fitting the categories? We will find a solution. Don't have money to submit your film? We will find the way to send you a discount voucher. Don't hesitate to write to us.  

More to come...

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